Help for Orphans International

(HFOI) is a secular not-for-profit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of orphaned children. Through donations of concerned individuals, businesses, and organizations, we help feed, educate, and improve their lives. Our overall purpose is to elevate the well-being of orphans and empower them to succeed in whatever endeavor they choose. We have worked in several countries throughout Africa, Asia, and Central America, providing aid and school supplies for orphans.

What Sets Us Apart:

Help for Orphans International has a real solution to the problems orphans face, and a strategy so they can become self sufficient and provide for their whole community. Relief efforts are solely short-term. The mid-term work we have done and are currently doing includes building green orphanages and schools, as well as providing educational materials and support, medical supplies, and food support. Essential to that is the education and training they receive in sustainable solutions for their local community. Long-term goals include orphanages and whole communities completely self-sufficient. The orphans helped by HFOI will grow up to be happy, productive individuals who are then able to contribute back to their society. This is our long-term livelihood program.

Working effectively on the ground with the local community, local government, and other organizations, the results are tangible and life sustaining rather than only for emergency relief.

"We help mend the social fabric of the community with every project."